The Mostly True, Mostly Unfiltered History of Advanced Audio

Advanced Audio founder Paul Levy got into the audio rental business almost by accident. "Originally, I started my career as an engineer in New York during the early 80s," he recalls. "I graduated from NYU with a degree in Recording Technology, and spent most of my time interning for various NYC studios. I moved to LA in 1984, where I engineered for several top LA studios, including Cherokee Recording, Sunset Sound, and RUSK Sound Studios."

During this time, Paul met noted guitarist and producer Steve Vai, and ended up working with Vai during the David Lee Roth years (circa 1986-1988). Setting out to build Vai a "world-class studio" at a new house in the Hollywood Hills, Paul started acquiring a vast collection of high-end audio gear. As he recalls, "Since the house wasn't finished yet, I came up with the great idea of renting out the stuff in the meantime to generate some extra cash. And it was there that my rental career started."

Advanced Audio was formed in 1988, and has steadily grown over its 21 years in business. "I guess that qualifies it as a success," jokes Paul. "At the time, I had no idea how much competition I was up against — which was probably a good thing. But I kept wanting to push the envelope, offering better service, newer gear, and better consultation for my clients."

Continued Paul, "I believe the success of Advanced Audio is based upon customers knowing they could call a company that was technically competent, showed up on time, and charged a fair price. My style is to run a straight-forward operation, no smoke-blowing."

In the late 1990's, Advanced Audio diversified into film and post production services, coinciding with the consolidation and downsizing of traditional recording studios.

In 2003, the company purchased the property and the complex in which it now operates. Located in the world's capital for media production — Burbank, CA — the Advanced Audio complex is a modern, state-of-the-art operation housing its rental gear, transportation, tech facilities, service shop, and even a full-service 7.1 Post Production studio on premises.

Today, Advanced Audio is one of the country’s most trusted audio equipment rental and technical support houses. Advanced Audio specializes in the latest HD Pro Tools systems, microphones, audio converters, and synchronization equipment, as well as superior technical services and support.

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