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January 7, 2016

Advanced Audio provides Avid ProTools HDX for "Star Wars: The Force Awakens"

Los Angeles, CA. - Advanced Audio recently provided all of the Avid ProTools HDX systems used to record John Williams' score for "Star Wars: The Force Awakens".

The score was recorded on the historic Sony Pictures scoring stage in Culver City, CA., and mixed at James Newton Howard's studios in Santa Monica, CA.

"This was his first major film that was recorded, edited, and mixed seperately at different locations. All of his previous movies have been recorded and mixed live, on the fly", owner Paul Levy commented.

Scoring mixer Shawn Murphy utilized an array of Advanced Audio's ProTools HDX gear on the movie. The scoring system was configured as follows:

96ch HDX(3) 192khz scoring system

Identical backup scoring system

8ch HDX(1) 192khz EQ system (for master EQ during mixing)

16ch HDX(1) 96khz prelay system for stage playback


The mix sessions at James Newton Howard's studio utilized the following configuration:

64ch 192khz HDX(3) Orchestal playback system

64ch 192khz HDX(3) Mix system

64ch 96khz HDX(2) Conversion system (SRC)


All recording and playback was done while locked to Antelope Audio's 10mhz Atomic Reference & Trinity Master studio clock.


"There was an unprecedented security level surrounding this movie for obvious reasons,

so there are no photos of any gear, or work in progress. We had guards escort our techs at the Disney lot

while moving hard drives from their vault to the edit rooms." Paul Levy commented.


Advanced Audio is the industry leader in ProTools HD and digital audio equipment rentals to the film and post-production community in Los Angeles and abroad.

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