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March 6, 2019

Advanced Audio Supplies ProTools HDX for "How To Train Your Dragon The Hidden World"

Burbank, CA. -

Advanced Audio recently provided a complete mixing solution for John Powell's score of "How To Train Your Dragon The Hidden World".

The mix took place at Skywalker Sound in Marin, CA. Scoring mixer Shawn Murphy mixed the music during the dub.

This was the first time the Andiamo 2 AD/DA - MADI converter was used to feed the dubbing console @ 48k from the 192k music playback HDX system.


An 8 drive  RAID 10 array utilizing Samsung EVO 860 SSDs played back audio at a rate of 192k, 96ch of I/O.


Advanced Audio is the industry leader in ProTools HDX and digital audio equipment rentals to the film and post-production community in Los Angeles and abroad.

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