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Question Title Tascam TL-Bus Errors
Error Type: TL-bus
TL-Bus Rcv Error [Type 3]: TL-Bus receive error of type Receive overrun.
TL-Bus Rcv Error [Type 4]: TL-Bus receive error of type Framing error.
TL-Bus Rcv Error [Type 5]: TL-Bus receive error of type Receive checksum error.
TL-Bus Rcv Error [Type 6]: TL-Bus receive error of type Receive Abort.
TL-Bus Rcv Error [Type 7]: TL-Bus receive error of type Receive data length error.
TL-Bus Rcv Error [Type 8]: TL-Bus receive error of type Transmit data length error.
TL-Bus Overrun: TL-Bus Message buffer has overflowed.
Poll Calc: Too many machines: Too many machines are hooked up on the TL-Bus
Poll Calc: Index error: Machine ID / index error.
Poll Calc: Missing local data: Local machine data unavailable or missing.
Poll Calc: Bad local data: local machine data corrupt.
Poll Calc: Unknown error: Unknown TL-Bus communications error on polling.
TL-Bus Poll Timeout: TL-Bus machine polling timeout.
TL-Bus Rcv Warning [NN]: TL-Bus receive buffer is getting too full, NN represents the
number of messages currently queued.
TL-Bus Xmit Warning [NN]: TL-Bus transmit buffer is getting too full, NN represents the
number of messages that can still be transmitted before we overrun the buffer.
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