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Question Title Tascam Digital Dubber Updating Errors
Error Type: Updating
Updating Software...: New software is being downloaded via ViewNet.
Formatting TLMedia: Before writing new software onto the TLMedia, it must be formatted.
This is displayed while the card is being formatted.
Wrote Block NN: Just wrote block number NN onto the TLMedia card.
Error Reading Flash: A request to save the software resulted in this error; the flash did not
read correctly. Reboot and retry the operation.
Out of Memory: Updating software required an image to be held in memory before writing it
to TLMedia. There was not enough available memory to do this. Try rebooting and trying this
before performing edits-records.
Error Writing TLMedia: There was an error writing to the TLMedia card. Try reinserting the
card and retry the operation.
Software written: The software was successfully written onto the TLMedia card.
Insert TL Media: Insert the TLMedia card into the card slot on the front panel of the MX-2424
and press Store.
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