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Question Title Tascam MMR-8 Use Notes
Tascam MMR8 Use Notes
Tascam Digital Dubbers do not support hard drives larger than 9 gigs.
Biphase light on rear panel - Near the biphase connector on the rear panel of the machine
is a small 2 color LED. This LED indicates biphase voltage. Green is 5 volts, red is 12 volts.
There is a recessed switch under the top connector to change voltage level.
Reference Level - There is a menu option change meter reference level (menu item 520).
This affects the METER level only, NOT the operating level of the machine!! To change the
headroom on an MMR-8, the top of the machine must be removed, then the A/D and D/A trim
pots must be calibrated manually, one at a time. Yes, it is a pain in XXX.
Biphase Or Timecode Chase Operation - One option is sending biphase (or timecode) to
one machine, and locking any other machines in the chain to the first one thru the MMR sync
bus, using sync cables. Since there is no mechanical wind time involved with a random
access machine, all machines in the sync chain will lock to the master machine very quickly.
Setting ID Numbers In Sync Chain - When controlling multiple machines thru the sync bus,
each machine needs to be assigned it's own ID number. ID numbers cannot be used twice in
the same sync chain. Although there is an auto assign function (menu item 111), auto assign
is the default setting), we recommend not using it, and assigning IDs manually (menu item
112). Turn off the auto assign function (menu item 111), and select an ID number unique to
each machine within the sync chain (menu item 112)
Clip LEDS - Clip LEDS will clear after the transport stops and goes back into play.
To Enter a Local Zero: From the timecode display (NOT the biphase display!), with timecode
displaying the desired zero mark, do the following steps:
1) Press *CLR* button to clear active register
2) Press *STO* button
3) Hold *SHIFT* and press *CAPT*(TIME) button
4) Press *STO* button
5) Press *STO* button again
This should enter your local zero. Go to biphase display mode to verify.
Keyboard Control
Connecting a regular keyboard to an MMR-C enables you to name projects more rapidly, and
more. Here are a few keyboard shortcuts:
F1 - Same as trim button when in setup menu
SHIFT+F1 - Enter setup menu
ESC - Exit setup menu
Alpha and Numeric keys - Works in most alpha or numeric input fields, and is much faster
than scrolling through menu items.
Up and Down arrow keys - Increments, just like up and down arrow buttons on MMR8 or
Left and Right arrow keys - Moves cursor, just like left and right arrow buttons on MMR8 or
F7 - Record arm and disarm track 8. Strange, but true.
How long does it take to format a drive?
When formatting a drive in an MMR8, our tests have shown the following times to be average:
4 gig Barracuda drive(7200RPM): 60-90 minutes
9 gig Cheetah drive(10,000RPM): 90-120 minutes
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