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Question Title Alesis ADAT Test Procedure
  Must clean tape head every time!!!   (With machine off)

            -Take off top of machine.

            -Use a Tech Wipe & I.P.A. Alcohol.

            -Apply alcohol to cloth, hold cloth to the tape head and spin the

             tape head CAREFULLY.

            -Check rubber wheel.   Dull is good.   Shiny or dirty, clean with

             TASCAM Rubber Cleaner (RC-2).

            -Also check flat wheel.   Dull is good.   Shiny or dirty, clean with

             TASCAM Rubber Cleaner (RC-2).

            -Replace Cover


When powering up machine, hold PLAY and RECORD simultaniously to

initialize machine . (Resets it)

            -Put in a test tape.

            -Play for 30 seconds and watch levels.

            -Record 1k tone for 30 seconds.

            -Rewind and playback for 30 seconds watching levels.

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