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Question Title Alesis ADAT Error Rate Display
To access a numerical readout of the error rate, hold down "set locate" and press "record enable 3" (under the level meter for track 3). The display briefly shows "diSP Err," and the error rate shows up in the right half of the time counter. The time is bumped over one column to make room for this new info, and the minutes are now diplayed in the hours column. (I noticed that on XTs and XT20s, if your tapes are formatted at 44.1k, this compact time display may be inaccurate, but the error rate is correct.)
Occasional bursts of error rates up to 10 or 15 are no problem. Rates above 30-40 may indicate the need for a head cleaning or your tape brand may not be a good choice.
To switch the display back to regular mode, hold down "set locate" and press "record enable 3" again. The display briefly shows "diSP rEG."            
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