ProCo StageMaster

ProCo StageMaster

16+4/100 foot Snake|StageBox Daily Rate: $25

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Re-engineered from the stagebox to the connectors for even greater reliability, the StageMaster multi-pair cables are an ideal choice for church groups, fixed installations, schools, and "one-nighter" portables. The rugged design features the latest in connectors and a cable that is extremely flexible for easy coiling. All StageMaster snakes are backed with a 3-year, limited warranty.


Reliable "no solder" contact points eliminate highly resistive connections.


Sturdy strain relief at the stagebox helps ensure a long life of reliable use.


Fan to box, fan to fan, and fan or box to blunt-cut configurations.


Up to 32 channel configurations in 25 to 250 foot lengths.


New! compact stagebox is strong, lightweight, and virtually unbreakable, while offering better access to individual cables. 


Pro Co's flexible Duralink "A" wire provides a clean, low-distortion signal and highly flexible cable.


Durable XLR inputs and Õ in. outputs.


Warranty: 3-Year Limited 


Stage Box: Extruded Aluminum 


Termination: Insulation Displacement 


Connector Retention: Spring Detent 


Strain Relief: ABS 


Conductor Gauge: 24 AWG (.20 sq. mm) 


Stranding: 7 x 32 (7 x .254 sq. mm) 


Insulation: .012 in. (.305 mm) polypropylene 


Shield: Aluminum/Polyester tape wrapped 100% coverage 


Capacitance: Paired Conductors 21 pF/ft. 


Capacitance: Conductors Tied to Shield 38 pF/ft.


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