AKG D-30

AKG D-30

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These microphones were never sold directly to the U.S.A.  They were made in limited production in the early years of AKG, from 1958 to the early 1960's. The selector switch located on the bottom of the mic is for bass rolloff at 50Hz.  A D-30 is (2) D-12's with (4) selectable pickup patterns and switchable bass rolloff.  The first multi-pattern dynamic mic, internally shockmounted. 


The AKG D12 was the world's first dynamic cardioid mic with a "unidirectional" design intended to reduce the pick up of extraneous sound and the production of feedback. It was based on new developments in microphone technology at the time which eliminated much of the shrillness characteristic in earlier microphones and extended the frequency response deeper into the bass range. It's a large diaphragm, dynamic, cardioid pattern mic and the transducer has a special "bass chamber" that boosts the lower frequencies in the 60-120 Hz range giving it a full, round bass end whilst the slight peak in the 60 to 120 Hz range enables the microphone to do full justice to a range of brass instruments and vocals and the mic was an immediate success at radio stations, recording studios, and movie sets throughout the world. 


A number of other AKG microphones would be based on the D12, including the D20B, D25, D30, D36, and the D45.


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