Telefunken M-49

Telefunken M-49

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The M49 debuted in 1949 and was an instant success in German broadcasting. The microphone was designed on contract for the IRT, the governmental regulating arm of the German broadcast system. The salient feature of the M49 was that it was the first condenser microphone capable of remote pattern control, achieved through electronic means. By varying the rear-diaphragm voltage against the backplate reference, a full range of patterns, from omni to cardioid to figure-8, was accomplished. A Dr. Grosskopf held the patent on this method of pattern selection, and Neumann was contracted to build the resulting design.


The 49 had several other interesting features, including one of the first attempts to limit the effect of grille resonance on the response. Because the grille is slanted and presents a continuously varying profile to the capsule, there are fewer standing waves generated. It is also an interesting microphone because it was one of the first to incorporate a special ultra-miniature triode tube specifically designed for microphones. This was the MSC2, which was later refined and further miniaturized before seeing mass production as the AC701. It was a cute li'l bugger! It was designed to have a long life, low-current consumption, high-input impedance, and low microphonic and capacitance characteristics. In fact, this became the only tube permitted in a microphone that was going to be used on the German airwaves. It became understandably popular in Europe.


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