Digidesign HD Accel DSP Card

Digidesign HD Accel DSP Card

ProTools HD DSP card for Expanded Systems Daily Rate: $150

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HD Accel cards for PCI Express (PCIe) complement the Accel Core card foundation of the Pro Tools|HD Accel system for PCIe-based host computers. Nearly two times as powerful as HD Process cards and four times as powerful as MIX Farm cards, HD Accel cards for PCIe can supercharge your system and accelerate your workflow. With support for sample rates up to 192 kHz (with a 192 I/O-equipped system) plus increased track and voice counts, HD Accel cards deliver unprecedented mixing power. Extremely large mixing configurations are supported by the card's TDM II architecture, which eliminates surround mixing obstacles and brings greater mixer efficiency to your Pro Tools® environment than ever before. HD Accel cards also improve interaction with both Digidesign® HDpack and Digidesign Development PartnerTM plug-ins, allowing your projects to move as rapidly as you do


Accel cards sport seven audio processors that run at a little more than twice the speed of the DSPs on HD Core and Process cards. Four of the new chips have access to a generous amount of on-card RAM. Alongside the seven faster chips, the cards have a further two processors identical to those found on the original HD cards. These two older chips are intended to share the work of audio recording and playback, and also provide compatibility with plug-ins that have not been updated to run on the new chips.


27 DSP chips for powering the mix engine and TDM plug-ins

Sample-rate support up to 192 kHz

Support for up to 96 channels of I/O (160 channels maximum, additional DSP cards required)

Up to 192 simultaneous audio tracks at 44.1/48 kHz (256 total audio tracks)

Up to 96 simultaneous audio tracks at 96 kHz

Up to 36 simultaneous audio tracks at 192 kHz

Up to 160 Mono or Stereo auxiliary tracks

Up to 128 instrument tracks

256 MIDI tracks

128 internal mix buses


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