Magma PE6R4

Magma PE6R4

6-Slot PCI-X to PCIe Expansion System Daily Rate: $75

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Magma PE6R4 provides a simple, cost-effective solution for expanding the capability of your PCI Express based computer.  As computer manufacturers migrate to PCI Express, the number of available PCI slots has been reduced or completely eliminated. However, many companies have invested a lot of money on solutions built around legacy PCI and PCI-X hardware.  The Magma expansion system provides a migration path to PCI Express while protecting your PCI hardware investment.


Where PCI meets PCI Express: The Magma PE6R4 is designed to match the through-put required by the majority of PCI cards on the market today.  The expansion chassis contains six PCI-X slots which are connected to the host computer through a 4 lane (x4) PCI Express host interface card and a high performance iPass cable.


Magma PE6R4 is offers the fastest performance of all the Magma expansion chassis available. PE6R4 provides an easy migration path to new PCI Express based computers while maintaining a consistent PCI configuration. In addition, Magma PE6R4 provides increased I/O capacity and scalability because multiple expansion systems can be combined to provide an almost unlimited number of PCI slots to a single computer.  As defined by the PCI Local Bus Specification, the theoretical maximum per single computer is 255 PCI buses. This type of scalability is especially useful in industries such as telecom, data acquisition, video monitoring, server storage, and manufacturing test fixtures.


Easy Installation: A Magma PCI Express-to-PCI Expansion System consists of a PCI Express host card, a pair of high-speed cables and a PCI expansion chassis.  The Magma PCI Express host card relays signals from the PCI Express slot inside the computer motherboard to a PCI bridge chip inside the expansion chassis.  All six high-performance PCI slots inside the expansion chassis (on a single bus segment) appear transparent to the host computer.



  • Provides a link from PCI Express based computers to legacy PCI hardware
  • Cost effective solution for adding unlimited number of PCI slots to PCI Express based computers and servers
  • Ideal migration path to small form factor servers, while maintaining a consistent PCI hardware configuration
  • Substantially increase I/O capacity
  • Supports universal and 3.3V PCI and PCI-X cards
  • Multiple expansion systems can be used with a single computer


  • Transparent extension of the PCI Bus outside the computer
  • Plug and Play installation. Expansion system is automatically configured by the system BIOS.
  • Visible LEDs indicate correct installation
  • Low profile PCI Express host card is included, no need to purchase separately
  • 1-meter iPass cable is included
  • 6 slot backplane supports all universal and 3.3V PCI and PCI-X cards
  • All slots support full-length PCI cards
  • 4U, black rack-mount enclosure
  • ATX form factor allows backplane to be used in different types of enclosures
  • Supports spread spectrum clocking
  • Auto-Switching 400W or Hot-Swappable Redundant Power Supply
  • Cooling fans in chassis are dedicated to keeping the PCI cards cool
  • Optional PCI card hold down mechanism prevents cards from being dislodged during transportation
  • Optional Disk Drive Cage for mounting four to eight internal drives inside chassis
  • Optional Chassis Trak® rack slide kit allows the entire chassis to be easily removed for servicing
  • CE certified and FCC Class A verified
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • RoHS Compliant


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