M&K Sound MPS-2510 System

M&K Sound MPS-2510 System

Complete 5.1 Surround System w/LFE-4 Daily Rate: $250

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Miller & Kreisel offers a turnkey surround solution comprising the MPS-150 MAIN monitors, MPS-150 SUR surround monitors, MPS-350 SUB subwoofer and LFE-4 bass-management controller. The MPS-150 MAIN holds down the left-front, right-front and center duties. This compact full-range speaker is available in several physical configurations and offers switch-selectable directivity and stacking options. A proprietary phase-focused crossover ensures precise sound imaging. The MPS-150 SUR surround speaker offers direct, dipole and tripole output options, allowing it to achieve the diffused-yet-accurate sound required for realistic surround effects. These cabinets offer a front-radiating 5-inch woofer and 1-inch tweeter, complemented by full-range 3.25-inch cone mid/tweeters mounted in the left and right baffles. In combination with the LFE-4 bass-management controller, the MPS-350 SUB subwoofer delivers flat bass response to below 20 Hz, with an option for rising bass below 20 Hz. The MPS-350 SUB uses a 350W amp driving a pair of long-throw 12-inch drivers in a push/pull relationship.


The Miller & Kreisel MPS-2510/P is a powered monitor using the same 5.25-inch woofer and 1-inch tweeter drivers as the passive MPS-2510, with an active phase-focused crossover. User-selectable vertical directivity allows for optimization in various monitoring environments. The Narrow position has controlled directivity for focused sound. The Wide position covers a deeper seating area for listeners at a producer's desk behind the mixer. The MPS-2510's LF and HF transducers are each powered by 150W onboard amplification. Five of these monitors, along with an M&K Pro subwoofer, combine to create a 5.1 music monitoring system, providing the reference level playback required by Dolby and THX.


Each S150P satellite has two built-in identical amplifiers, one for the tweeters, the other for the midrange. Total amplifier power is over 180 watts. The separate amplifiers eliminate the need for a passive crossover, increasing efficiency and detail as well as dynamic range. M&K utilizes a new proprietary active phase-focused crossover. This technology does more than focus on the on-axis frequency response: it also considers and optimizes off-axis frequency response, as well as the on- and off-axis phase response. The phase characteristics of the individual drivers must be carefully matched to achieve a cohesive and seamless response. The driver complement consists of two 5.25-inch midrange drivers and three one-inch tweeters. The back panel of the satellite is dominated by a large heatsink, which never heated up during the review session to the point of being uncomfortable to touch. The back panel also features both RCA and XLR inputs, as well as pass-throughs. Other back panel features include switchable level and crossover controls.


The MX-350 THX features two 12-inch-long throw drivers, powered by a 350-watt amplifier. Upon opening the MX-350, I found that it looked very similar to the MX-200 (not the current version) that I had purchased many years ago and have been using ever since. My main complaint with the MX-200 was its lack of detail. I was curious as to how the MX-350 would compare. Like the MX-200, the MX-350 utilizes M&K's favored push-pull configuration. This configuration has one driver facing the front of the cabinet, with the second driver's backside firing downwards. This unique configuration acts to cancel out distortion as well as increase output by 6dB. The MX-350's back panel features dual RCA inputs and switchable crossover and level controls, which allow the continuously variable controls to be switched in or out of the system. The panel also has two position phase and EQ switches. M&K designed this unit to be utilized in higher-end systems and therefore there is no provision for speaker level inputs.


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