Tannoy SGM-10B

Tannoy SGM-10B

10" Gold Monitor Pair w/Mastering Lab Crossover Daily Rate: $75

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The construction and operation of the Tannoy Dual Concentric (upper case 'D' and 'C'!)

is unique and provides benefits that other manufacturers cannot. The waveguide high

frequency unit (so called because of the analogy in design to microwave engineering)

has a smooth acoustic path through the center of the low frequency unit without problems

due to masking or diffraction. The low frequency unit operates without obstruction, as the

cone piston apex is well clear of the high frequency unit. Both units operate in harmony

together providing a single point source covering the whole acoustic audio spectrum and

in a way that recreates the original sound field better than any other system.



From 1985 Tannoy abandoned printed circuit boards and wafer switches in the crossover designs. A
significant amount of research had shown conclusively that the layout and mechanical design or a high
power speaker crossover was vital. Listening tests were carried out with great precision to isolate
some of the aural effects encountered.

The Tannoy R & D department concluded that:

Printed Circuit Boards are detrimental to sound quality.
Star earthing is of paramount importance.
Components must be held down securely to prevent microphonics.
Wiping contacts and switches downgrade sound quality significantly.
Gold plating of electrical contacts is beneficial to sound quality.
Connecting cables can have audible effects.



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