Dytronics CS-5

Dytronics CS-5

Tri-Stereo Chorus Daily Rate: $30

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The idea behind the Tri Stereo Chorus started out as a mod DMP did on Rhodes pianos in their earlier days... If someone wanted an onboard chorus paired with the DMP Pro Piano preamp, they usually mounted the board of a Boss CE-2 chorus in the namerail. A bit later DMP designed their Dual Chorus which was basically two CE-2 style units wired together but worked in stereo where the signal was routed left/right. Then, the last step of this mod was to take 1/3 of the 73 (or 88) pick-ups in a Rhodes piano and route them into one chorus unit, then then 1/3 of the pickup to the other chorus unit and then they left the last 1/3 of the pick-ups unprocessed thusly creating a "Tri Stereo Chorus" effect. This idea was later made even better in the the rack mount DMP Tri Stereo Chorus, with three choruspaths with individual intensity.




Very popular chorus unit in early 80s.


The 3 L/C/R LFO faders control progressive waveshaping of the modulation. 


LFO or manual modulation controls


The pull-out intensity knobs enhance the spatial perception of each chorus line and engage feedback for





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