Lexicon 95

Lexicon 95

"Prime Time II" Digital Delay Daily Rate: $30

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The Prime Time II was built around 1980, and is thus a very primitive digital device by today's 24bit and 32bit standards. But why does it still sound so good, and why do professionals rely on them every day? The Prime Time was built to the very highest possible level available at the time. Remember this thing cost as much as a typical car when it came out, and was designed specifically for high-end studios. While the bit depth and sample rate aren't near what devices have today, the limitations were well understood, and the designers took great pains to minimize the way such limitations affected the sound.


The maximum delay time is 2.56 seconds per delay line, which is an immense amount considering it was released before the age of the IBM PC. The device does decrease it's sample rate to achieve this, so full bandwidth delays have a limit of 1.28 seconds. The delayed sound is extremely smooth, and the filter works like it should. 


The Prime Time features a modulation section with a sine and square wave LFO or external envelope following. This allows for extensive flange, chorus and detuning effects. The modulation is available no matter what the delay time is used, which can create some sounds no possible on any other delay unit.


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