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Commandsoft FibreJet

SAN Volume Management Seat Daily Rate: $25

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FibreJet is the truly affordable SAN Management solution. A FibreJet managed enterprise-class storage network gives multiple computers operating on multiple operating systems concurrent access to multiple terabytes of storage using just about anyone's storage over Fibre Channel or iSCSI.


Higher-performance storage networking. FibreJet has shown in real world application to have as much as 500% better performance during file-copy compared to the same operation on other SAN management software. On SAN networks using FibreJet operators are able find a file in as little as 5 seconds as compared to taking as much as 4 minutes and more for the same operation in many other well known SAN management solutions.


FibreJet is the proven choice for storage and server consolidation; higher performance, lower cost, easy scalability with higher availability when you need to work together.


San file sharing:

  • Native Mac OS X high-speed journal protected HFS+ and NTFS
  • Fibre Channel connectivity
  • Concurrent read/write access (to different file systems
  • Concurrent read access (to same file system)
  • Volume-level locking



  • Standard disk utilities
  • Storage pools
  • Striping or mirroring across multiple LUNS
  • Hardware RAID devices supported
  • Online volume expansion
  • Volume mapping
  • Direct Fibre Channel connectivity between SAN attached computers and SAN storage (just like they were directly attached to the storage)
  • Striping across multiple disk arrays (LUNs) for highly scalable performance


Data Management

  • Implicit storage pool and volume affinities for automated data placement
  • Implicit hard volume quotas
  • Normal file system user and group enforcement


Remote Administration

  • FibreJet Administration mode remotely accessed with Apple Remote Desktop
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Event log


System Requirements

  • Xserve or Xserve G5, Power Mac G4 (dual 800 MHz or faster) or Power Mac G5 Macintosh Pro
  • At least 512 MB of RAM
  • Mac OS X v10.2 or later (including > 10.3 and > 10.4 and > 10.5). Mac OS 8.1-9.22 also supported. Cross-platform Windows support, allowing sharing of NTFS, FAT and HFS and HFS+ volumes between Macintosh and Windows platforms. (Please note that Macdrive or Paragon NTFS 3rd party utilities are required to write to cross platform volume types.)
  • Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003


Storage Network requirements

  • FibreJet requires the following storage area network components (Contact CommandSoft for what is currently considered best of class):
  • Any Fibre Channel or iSCSI based RAID or JBOD storage device (enterprise level drives are recommended over consumer level drives for their reliability)
  • Any Fibre Channel or iSCSI HBA from enterprise standard manufacturers such as Qlogic, Apple/LSI, ATTO, Astera, etc. (iSCSI initiators specific to your OS will be required for iSCSI application.)
  • Any Fibre Channel switch from Qlogic, Emulex or Brocade
  • Any Fibre Channel or iSCSI industry standard enterprise level switch (for example from Qlogic, Emulex or Brocade


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