Sony SDX-500C

Sony SDX-500C

AIT-2 50Gb Tape Backup Daily Rate: $40

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The Sony SDX-500 / 500C offers high capacity in an extremely compact 3.5-inch form factor. With a compact size that is a fraction of the size of other high-capacity formats, these drives are easy to integrate into desktop workstations, servers, and automated tape libraries. The AIT-2 format delivers up to 100 GB capacity (with 2:1 compression) in a compact, 8mm data cartridge. Helical scan technology increases data recording density, while offering fast data transfer rates of up to 12.0 MB/s.


These tape drives are fully read and write compatible with both AIT-2 media (36 GB and 50 GB data cartridges), and AIT-1 media (25 GB and 35 GB) data cartridges. Backward compatibility helps protect your investment in the valuable data you already have stored on AIT-1 data cartridges, while delivering the increased capacity and performance of AIT-2 technology.


  • 100 GB capacity and 12.0 MB/s sustained data transfer rate (with 2:1 compression)
  • Fast media loading (Less than 10 s) and file access (27 to 37 seconds)
  • High reliability with MTBF of 300,000 POH, head life of 50,000 hours, and media uses of 30,000 end-to-end passes
  • Efficient data management with Memory In Cassette (MIC).
  • Offers perfect fit for small business and mid-range server applications



SONY SDX-500 / 500C AIT-2 Tape Drive


100 GB (compressed), 50 GB (native)

Native Sustained Transfer Rate

6 MB/second

2:1 Compressed Transfer Rate

12 MB/second

Interface Options

Wide Ultra SCSI 

Single-ended / Low Voltage Differential

Size (H x W x D)

1.62 x 4 x 6.10 in. (41.3 x 101.6 x 155 mm)


1 lb 11.5 oz. (780 g)

Power Requirements

DC 5V ±5%

DC 12V ±10%

12W (Avg.)


300,000 POH (60% duty cycle)




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