Dolby DP-562

Dolby DP-562

Multi-Channel AC-3 Decoder Daily Rate: $50

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The Dolby DP562 reference decoder enables production, mastering, and broadcast facilities to monitor audio, video, and multimedia programs with multichannel sound. With features tailored to professional users, the DP562 is an essential production tool for DVD and DTV.


The DP562 decodes Dolby Digital material with up to 5.1 channels and provides digitally implemented four-channel Dolby Surround Pro Logic decoding for matrix-encoded surround material.


The DP562 allows manual selection of decoding modes, such as Dolby Digital, Dolby Pro Logic, Dolby Digital + Pro Logic, or PCM Pass-through, and can be configured to switch automatically to Dolby Digital when a Dolby Digital bitstream is detected. Bitstream parameters are displayed on a two-line, 16-character LCD. A rear-panel interface provides remote control, permitting integration into automated facilities.


Users can also monitor Dolby Digital's unique "downmixing" capabilities with the DP562. For example, in Dolby Digital + Pro Logic mode, a 5.1-channel Dolby Digital input signal is automatically downmixed to a two-channel Dolby Surround encoded (Lt/Rt) signal, then processed through the Dolby Pro Logic decoder. Other modes enable monitoring the sound of multichannel program material when played on multichannel, mono, or two-channel stereo systems, surround systems without a center channel, and systems with a center speaker but no surrounds. Line Mode and RF Mode dynamic range compression features of Dolby Digital can be monitored as well.


For monitoring setup, the DP562 offers full bandwidth and band-limited pink noise, individual channel level trims, and center and surround channel delays. It also has comprehensive bass redirection capabilities.


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