Brainstorm DCD-8

Brainstorm DCD-8

192khz Master Studio Clock/Distributor w/VSG-4 Daily Rate: $40

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With the proliferation of digital equipment, it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep everything synchronized and locked. Carrying on in the tradition of the Brainstorm Distripalyzer, the DCD-8, with 10 inputs and 17 outputs, is the perfect solution! Offering not only exceptional stability but also remarkable flexibility, the DCD-8 is ideal for most situations, whether you have a small sound studio or a large post-production facility with NTSC, PAL or HD systems. Clock generating, distributing, clean up, analyzing, format converting, it does it all for a very affordable price.


Inputs available are WC, GPS, AES, S/PDIF ADAT and video. Any of those external sources can be used as a reference. Or set the DCD-8 to "internal" and use it as a master clock generator. FireWire is also included, which some manufacturers only offer as a costly option. So, if you need to reference your Mac or PC to the DCD-8 via FireWire, you're ready to go.


The DCD-8 will feel right at home in a video studio. The base model accepts NTSC, PAL, and even HD tri-level sync. And the optional video generator VSG-4 can generate many different formats of HD tri-level sync, as well as NTSC and PAL.


For Gearboxing, the DCD-8's exceptional flexibility enables you to generate any rate from any source. The DCD-8 can also generate multiple rates simultaneously: 3 digital audio rates (up to 192K) and 4 video sync rates (2 SD and 2 HD). All locked to the same reference.


While all this is going on, the DCD-8 analyzer keeps you confident everything is running smoothly and helps you identify problems when necessary (phase, termination,frequency). As a bonus, the DCD-8 even does format conversion between the different audio I/O's.


Ultra Low Jitter Word Clock Generator

Extracts a clean Word Clock from Audio (AES, S/PDIF, ADAT or FireWire) or Video (Incl. HD)

Generates multiple rates simultaneously

Word Clock Distributor

World Clock Analyzer

Audio Router/ Format converter

Video Sync Generator (optional) VSG-4




    • Extremely Low-Jitter Clock with all standard rates, up to 192K

    • Reference: External WC, AES/EBU, S/PDIF, ADAT, FireWire, Video or Internal crystal

    • Video reference to NTSC, PAL or HD Tri-level sync

    • Two separate generators capable of generating two rates simultaneously, assigned to any of 8 wc outputs

    • Outputs 7 & 8 feature a frequency multiplier: x2, x4, x64, x128, x256 for Pro Tools super clock and DSD

    • Supports simultaneously .1% and 4% pull up/down rates

    • VSO is available



    • 3 WC inputs / 8 WC outputs

    • Distributed clock is internally regenerated

    • Silent audio sent to all audio outputs



    • High resolution input frequency counter

    • Phase comparison between different sources

    • Termination errors



    • Audio I/O's include AES/EBU, S/PDIF, ADAT, FireWire

    • Any audio input can be routed to any audio output

    • Audio outputs are reclocked



    • When locked to an external signal, in the event of a drop out or a source failure, the DCD-8 will switch automatically to an alternate source; if no alternate source has been selected, the DCD-8 will switch to its internal crystal



    • Multiple DCD-8's can be linked together via cable, while maintaining phase



This optional card provides 4 video outputs, 2 in standard definition and 2 in high definition

    • PAL and NTSC sync can be generated simultaneously and sent to each of the 2 SD outputs;

    • Several HDTV tri-level sync formats are supported and any 2 can be sent simultaneously to each of the 2 HD       outputs

The video generator can be locked to the internal crystal or to any of the external references: WC, Audio or Video






3x Word Clock BNC (2 on rear + 1 on front panel) - 32KHz to 192KHz

3x AES-EBU (2 XLR on rear + 1 BNC on front panel) - 32KHz to 192KHz

1x S/PDIF on RCA- 44.1KHz to 192KHz

1x Optical: S/PDIF 44.1KHz to 192KHz ADAT (SMUX) 44.1KHz to 192KHz

1x FireWire 44.1KHz to 192KHz

1x Video: NTSC / PAL or HD Tri-Level Sync



8x Word Clock BNC - 


1x S/PDIF on RCA

1x Optical:



1x FireWire


Optional Video Outputs: 

2x SD: NTSC and PAL

2x HD: 720 (SMPTE 296M) & 1080 (SMPTE 274M, RP211, 295M)


WC Generator:  

Includes 2 separate generators, A&B

Each generator can generate a separate rate from 32KHz to 192KHz

Pull up/down: .1% and 4%




Input frequency counter





External, switching power supply

Input voltage: 90 VAC - 264VAC

Input frequency: 47 Hz - 63 Hz

Output: +12VDC, 2A


Dimensions: 19" x 8" x 1.75"


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