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Rosendahl MIF

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The MIF3 generates LTC and MTC simultaneously from LTC or MTC sources. Consequently the box can be used as LTC to MTC and MTC to LTC converter as well as LTC and MTC refresher. Rosendahl sync algorithms suppress time code jitter and drop outs to allow the use of unstable, jittery MTC sources produced by most PC and MAC based audio workstations. In the generator mode the unit works as a MMC (Midi Machine Control) controlled virtual machine with MTC and LTC outputs. Most DAW and MIDI-Sequencer programs can output MMC commands for start, stop and locate functions. The time code outputs follow positional, reverse and looped time code. Instant cue software stops and restarts the time code slaved systems when the master time code is looping or jumping. Eight internal DIP switches serve to enable special functions as midi output mode for cueing, time code standard conversion (electronic gear box), time code speed measurement and the standard default setting. The interface has a robust aluminum housing, a large 7-segment LED display and a built-in power supply. An optional rack mount kit for fitting the unit into a 19 inch rack is also available.


Generates LTC and MTC from LTC or MTC


MMC (midi machine control) controlled MTC/LTC generator


Digital MTC jitter filter allows the use of unstable MTC sources


Instant cue software follows looping on tapeless systems


Electronic gear box for time code standard conversion from 24, 25, 30 to 24, 25, 30 fps


LTC input: RCA female -40 to +20 dBu, 10k ohms 0,5 to 200% of playspeed, reverse and positional, format auto-detection (24, 25, 30 drop, 30 fps)


LTC output:RCA female 0-4 Vpp adjustable, 500 ohms, positional time code output for cueing (24, 25, 30 drop, 30 fps)


MIDI input: 5-pin DIN, The Complete MIDI 1.0, MTC quarter frame and full messages, MMC stop, play, defplay, locate, write standard field, Rosendahl sysex


MIDI output: 5-pin DIN, The Complete MIDI 1.0, MTC quarter frame and full messages, MTC quarter frame loops, MMC locate


Power: Euro two-pole, 230 VAC/30 mA or 115 VAC/60 mA version available


LED Display 8 x HP 7503, 0,3" red


Dimensions 1,4 cm W x 3,1 cm H x 16,8 cm D, 1U-19" rack mount kit available


Weight 0,7 kg


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