Sencore DA795

Sencore DA795

DigiPro Digital Audio Analyzer Daily Rate: $75

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The DigiPro Digital Audio Analyzer analyzes any stereo PCM digital audio signal, and generates low-noise digital test signals, all at up to 24 bit/96k sample rate resolution. Digital audio analysis features and functionality normally found only on expensive bench test equipment, now available in a portable, easy-to-use and cost-effective package.


The DigiPro has All the connections you'll need - two sets of AES/EBU and SP/DIF inputs, including Toslink and ADAT, plus Word Clock in. Digital outputs, including AES/EBU, SP/DIF, and Toslink/ADAT, and Word Clock out. Analog stereo headphone and unbalanced mono analog outputs. ADAT sync and RS-232 serial for computer interfacing.


Transparency Test verifies that a device passes digital test waveforms without errors, using either synchronous or asynchronous test.


 Bitstream Analyzer totally analyzes digital stream characteristics to check actual word length and sample rate, bit activity, header information, flag errors, and low voltage.


 Lock Test tests whether two digital data or clock signals are locked (to <1ppm).


 Bitscope shows distortion, noise or jitter on an s/d or X-Y scope, and also applies the results to the internal speaker, headphones, and line output.


 Latency Test checks the signal delay through a device with a digital device input, and either digital or analog device output.


 Digital Watchdog captures signal errors for a test period and graphs the errors.


 Jitter Meter tests RMS interface jitter on a digital signal (to 150ps) or clock (to 35ps), as referenced to an internal crystal or external master clock.


 Clock/Sample Counter measures actual digital sample rate, word clock, and superclock frequencies.


 Distortion Meter measures THD+N (Total Harmonic Distortion & Noise) and more!


Digital Input/Output:

Digital Signal Formats:

AES-3, S/PDIF coaxial, S/PDIF optical (Toslink), ADAT, BNC



Analog Output:

Unbalanced voltage range:

0 dBu to -66 dBu

Balanced output voltage range:

+6 dBu to -60 dBu

Sine wave distortion:

Better than -85 dB THD+N



Lock Detect:

<1 ppm



Digital Watchdog:

Minimum Test Period:

1 minute

Maximum Test Period:

24 hours

Minimum Length of detected error, all test times:

1 sample



Transparency Test:

Maximum number of errors per channel:


Maximum Length of test:




Frequency Counter:

Frequency accuracy:

0.1 ppm or ±0.01 Hz in a word clock or sample clock, or ±4 Hz in a master clock signal (256xFs)



Signal Generator:

Sine wave output frequency:

1 to 20 kHz

Sine wave distortion:

Better than -130 dB THD+N



Latency Test:


±2 samples



Jitter Meter:

Jitter Range AES/EBU or SPDIF Input:

150 pS to 100 nS

Clock/Super clock Input:

35 pS to 100 nS




Sound Level Meter:

ANSI S1.4-1983 (ASA 47-1983)


ANSI s1.43-1997

All filters, weighting networks, response rates, and algorithms meet or exceed ANSI Type 1 specifications.





64x128 pixel blue LCD with backlight


5.5" x 12.5" x 2.25" (HWD)


approximately 4.5 lb.

Temperature Range:

5ºC to 45ºC, non-condensing





Sealed lead acid 6 Vdc module

AC adapter/charger:

100-240 Vac, 47-63 Hz, 7.5 Vdc, 4A


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