Terrasonde Audio Toolbox Plus

Terrasonde Audio Toolbox Plus

Multi-Function Audio Analyzer Daily Rate: $30

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The Terrasonde Audio Toolbox Plus is an amazingly versatile audio / acoustic test device. It will not walk the dog, but almost anything else you could ask for it does. The Plus model has a metal case, extendable test microphone, larger display, rechargeable battery, hard shell carrying case, and comes with the Contractor's Firmware loaded and both firmware packages on CD. It has balanced and unbalanced input and output connections on XL, 1/4", and RCA connectors, a speaker, headphone output, and MIDI in and out.


Audio Toolbox Contractor's firmware includes: 


Sound Level Meter
Real-Time Analyzer
FFT Analyzer
Energy Time Graph
Reverb Decay Time
Sound Study Graph
Polarity Tester
Signal Generator
Level Meter
Frequency Counter
Signal / Noise Ratio
Sweeps: Amplitude & Impedance
Digital Sampling Scope
Distortion Meter
% Alcons
Noise Criteria
Time Code Tools
Monitor Amplifier
Cable Tester
Power Tests
Transmit Data
Setup & Calibration


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