Sony PVM-2530

Sony PVM-2530

25" Trinitron Monitor Daily Rate: $35

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Hi resolution 25" Pro color monitor, with touch panel control. 

Stackable for multi-monitor presentations and displays. 




  • Video input:
    • LINE A/B:Composite video
    • VTR: S VIDEO: Mini DIN 4-pin Y (Luminance signal)
    • VTR: 8-pin connector Composite video
    • Computer input: Analog/TTL, D-sub 25 pin
  • Resolution:
    • Video input: 560 TV lines
    • RGB input: 2000 characters (640 x 200 dots)
  • Frequency response:
    • Video input: 6MHz
    • RGB input: 1OMHz
  • Line pull range:
    • Horizontal: ±50OHz
    • Vertical: -8Hz
  • Over scanning: Less than + 7 %
  • Input return loss: More than 35dB up to 4MHz
  • Zooming: Within 5%
  • Color temperature: 9300º K
  • Weight: 53 kg (116 lb 14 oz)
  • Dimensions: 653(W) x 508(H) x 491(D)mm




A/B NTSC composite video with 560 lines resolution.
S-VHS ( If the serial no is over 200800 or so, switch with the EIAJ-1 connector)
EIAJ-1 VCR connector ( 8 pins)
Computer Analog/TTL, D-sub 25 pin, at 640H and 200V pixels,
A/B Stereo Audio RCA inputs
Control S in and out.

Stereo Amps with clip terminals for speakers (not included)

Power consumption 180 W max.
Dimensions: H- 20" x W- 25 3/4" x D- 19 3/8"
Weight: 116 lb



remote controls: RM-739, RM-U72 

Speaker APM-X5A
TV tuner unit: ST-72TV
Cable to connect to a computer CGA adaptor or others: SFM-500: 25pin/9pin, 2 meters long.


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