Alesis ADAT XT-20

Alesis ADAT XT-20

8-channel, 20-bit S-VHS Recorder Daily Rate: $40

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The ADAT Type II format records eight tracks of true, linear 20-bit digital audio onto tape, without using external converters or multiplexers. No other modular digital multitrack recorder currently manufactured offers this capability. 20-bit recording offers much greater sonic detail than 16-bit recording since each additional bit doubles the number of values that may be recorded, resulting in an increased dynamic range and lower quantization distortion.


The XT20 uses the same ADAT Optical Digital Interface and ADAT Synchronization Interface as other ADATs, so it may be easily integrated into an existing system. For advanced production work, the XT20 provides the same built-in digital editing features (Track Copy, Tape Offset and Track Delay) and 10-point autolocator/10-key numerical input system as the ADAT-XT. It also offers a solid, six-pound, die-cast aluminum chassis that's designed for heavy-duty applications. To get your signal to and from tape, the XT20 provides both a servo-balanced 56-pin ELCO connector and unbalanced -10dBV inputs and outputs on phono (RCA) connectors. For direct digital connection, the ADAT Optical Digital Interface carries up to eight tracks at once completely in the digital domain.


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