PrismSound Recording Package

PrismSound Recording Package

16-channel Digidesign ProTools HD|3 Accel Daily Rate: call us

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Choose Your Core System


All Pro Tools|HD Core systems come with award-winning Pro Tools HD software, a powerful bundle of professional virtual instrument and sound processing plug-ins, and one or more dedicated DSP (digital signal processor) cards that reside in your computer to provide processing power.


Choose an Audio Interface


Once you've picked a Core system, you'll also need at least one Pro Tools|HD audio interface to complete your basic system. Choose from several that offer a variety of analog and digital I/O, and up to 192 kHz sample rates. In addition, you can add interfaces that provide mic and line-level I/O, MIDI I/O, and sync capabilities.


The ADA-8XR is a multi-channel AD/DA converter that can be configured in numerous ways using plug-in modules to suit a very wide variety of applications. It can be a 16 channel AD converter, a 16 Channel DA converter or an 8 channel AD/DA converter. It can be a multi-channel FireWire interface, or an AES/EBU / AES3 / SPDIF Digital to Analogue or Analogue to Digital converter. It can act as a high resolution Pro Tools Interface for recording or post-production. Similarly it can work with a wide range of other popular Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) including Logic, Cubase, Nuendo and others. In fact, there's not a lot it can't do when it comes to digital audio conversion.


Explore Your Options


There are plenty of Pro Tools|HD options available to satisfy your needs, whether you want full hands-on control of Pro Tools|HD through an ICON console or control surface, need to work with sound for picture, require certain cable connections, or something else. And don't forget the not-so-secret weapons of every Pro Tools user - plug-ins, plug-ins, plug-ins.


Expand Your Power


Pro Tools|HD lets you easily expand the power of your system as your needs and business grow. Increase your processing power, as well as track and channel counts, by adding one or more HD Accel cards to your Core system, allowing you to mix even the largest, most complex sessions with ease.


Don't have any empty PCI or PCIe slots in your computer to accommodate extra DSP cards? Get an expansion chassis and employ up to seven HD Core/Accel cards in a single Pro Tools|HD system. Choose from the 7-slot Digidesign® PCIe-to-PCIe Expansion Chassis or the 6-slot Magma PE6R4 Expansion Chassis.




Accommodating the high sample rates supported by Pro Tools|HD® with the utmost accuracy, SYNC HDTM attains near sample-accurate lock to serial timecode (via RS-422), LTC, or bi-phase/tach signals. It incorporates a high-fidelity, low-jitter master Word Clock that supports operations up to 192 kHz as well as standard pull-up/pull-down rates for film and video applications. SYNC HD also features AES/EBU clock I/O, SD and HD video reference in/thru, video program in/out with timecode window inserter, and a host of other features, making it the obvious choice for professional Pro Tools|HD installations in commercial music and post-production facilities.


24 bit/192khz ProTools HD|3 Accel System includes:


(2) PrismSound ADA-8XR AD|DA converters

Rack-mounted Apple G5 w/4Gb RAM

Apogee Big Ben Master Studio Clock

Digidesign Sync I/O

Emagic Unitor 8 MKII MIDI Interface

(2) Storcase Firewire 800 drive bay w/(4) 250gb removable drives

Dell 24" flat panel display 





Add More Options


- Digidesign or Euphonix control surfaces

- Dual Dell 24" flat panel displays w/KVM switching

- Antelope Audio Master Studio Clock system

- Magma PCIe or PCI-X expansion

- ESATA drive bay w/(4) 1Tb removable drives

- Canopus DV Converter

- IaverKey ProDV Converter


See indiviual product's documentation


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