Digidesign 192 AD Expansion

Digidesign 192 AD Expansion

8-channel AD Converter Option Card Daily Rate: $25

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Along with its outstanding sonic specs, 192 I/O includes an additional I/O option bay, allowing you to add more inputs or outputs, and making it one of the most unique and flexible audio interfaces on the market. To expand the analog I/O capacity of 192 I/O, you can add either a 192 AD card, providing 8 more channels of high-definition analog input, or the 192 DA card, which gives you 8 additional channels of analog output. 192 I/O can also be outfitted with the 192 Digital card, which adds 8 channels of AES/EBU, TDIF, and ADAT I/O connections.



By way of an expansion bay, 192 I/O allows you to increase I/O options with one of three available expansion cards - 192 AD, 192 DA or 192 Digital. Whether you want more analog inputs, outputs or digital I/O, 192 I/O is flexible enough to be custom tailored to suit your needs.

The 192 AD card complements 192 I/O's stock configuration with eight more channels of DB25-based input, for a total of 16 channels of high-definition analog input. Simply install the 192 AD card in 192 I/O's easily accessible back panel expansion bay, and you're ready to go.




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See product documentation


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