IZ Radar V S-Nyquist

IZ Radar V S-Nyquist

24 track/192khz Hard Disk Recorder Daily Rate: $450

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Designed for high-end audio professionals, the RADAR V S-Nyquist delivers the 192 kHz sample-rate analogue conversion that captures the nuance and texture often sought by jazz and classical recordists. RADAR V’s reliability and ease of use will also ensure that both engineers and musicians enjoy the process of recording irreproducible sessions.

The RADAR V S-Nyquist is a 24 channel digital recording and playback system powered by the Adrenaline Plus recording engine. It features 24 channels of S-Nyquist 192 kHz analogue I/O and dual-disk recording in BWAV format for instant backup and DAW compatibility.

Each RADAR V system comes complete with a 24 channel Meterbridge and a robust, professional Session Controller with jog wheel. The VGA output provides a GUI displaying 24 meters, SMPTE counter, edit & locate markers, waveforms, project settings and system status.

RADAR V systems are the most sophisticated line of digital multi-track recorders on the market. Designed and manufactured with proprietary iZ Technology hardware and software, these professional-grade units are fully configured to harness the power of digital while expressing the soul and warmth of tape.



Features Benefits
24 track capacity Record or playback 24 tracks of professional-quality audio
Adrenaline Plus recording engine Ultra low-latency, supports high-sample rate processing and fast import/export
Native Broadcast WAV recording and File Flattening on removable drives DAW compatibility
Dual Disk Recording Instant backup to a second drive

Two removable hard drives:

  • 1 SATA (74 GB 10,000 rpm)
  • 1 SCSI (73 GB 15,000 rpm)
Pull-able drives for swapping between applications.
On-Board FTP with Gigabit Ethernet Quick transfer and backup over a network
Session Controller Professional Remote & 24-Track Meterbridge One-button remote functions and jog-wheel editing
DVD-RAM/DVD-R/CDR Combo drive Easy file I/O, Redbook Audio CD burning, software updates, etc.
AES and SPDF 2 channel Digital I/O Digital transfer of any two channels
Over 160 GB Internal Hard Disk Space Archive Storage
Current software installed  



Remote Controller Session Controller
Meterbridge Meterbridge 24
Disk Drives
  • 1 SCSI removable in carrier (73 GB, 15,000 rpm)
  • 1 SATA removable in carrier (74 GB, 15,000 rpm)
Backup Device 5 x DVD-RAM/DVD-R/CDR Combo drive
Max. # record or playback tracks 24 Tracks
# Digital Discreet Input/Output Channels 24 Channels
Digital I/O
  • 2 channels AES/EBU (XLR connectors)
  • 2 channels SPDIF (RCA connectors)
  • 2 x optional slot for 24 channel digital I/O. Choose from
    • 24 channels AES/EBU (3 x female DB-25 connectors)
    • 24 channel ADAT lightpipe (6 x lightpipe connectors)
    • 24 channels TDIF (3 x female DB-25 connectors)
# Analogue Discreet Input/Output Channels 24 Channels
Analogue I/O 3 x 8-channel S-Nyquist Card (max. 192 kHz sample rate)
Recording Engine Adrenaline Plus
# of Quantization Bits 16 or 24 bit
Recording Time 4.6 min/track/Gig (24-bit @ 48kHz)
2.3 min/track/Gig (24-bit @ 96kHz)
1.15 min/track/Gig (24-bit @ 192kHz)
Time Code 23.976NDF; 24/25/29.97DF; 29.97NDF; 30DF; 30NDF
Audio Input  
Type Balanced Transformerless
Input Impedance 16.2k Ω
Normal Input Level +4dBu with +14, +16, +18, +20dB Headroom
Maximum Input Level +24 dBu, +22, +20, +18
Connector 25pin D-type
Audio Output  
Type Balanced Transformerless
Output Impedance 47Ω
Load Impedance 600Ω minimum
Normal Output Level +4dBu with +14, +16, +18, +20dB Headroom
Maximum Output Level +24 dBu, +22, +20, +18 (10 Kohm load)
Connector 25pin D-type
Time Code Input  
Input Impedance 25kΩ
Input Level 100mV peak to peak – 20 V peak to peak
Format IEC461(SMPTE/EBU)
Connector 25pin D-type
Time Code Output  
Output Impedance 100Ω
Load Impedance 600Ω minimum
Output Level 1 V peak to peak
Format IEC461(SMPTE/EBU)
Connector Male XLR
Word Input/Output  
Frequency 32, 44.056, 44.1, 47.952, 48, 64, 88.112, 88.2, 95.904, 96, 128, 176.224, 176.4, 191.808, 192KHz
Connector BNC, In/Out
Video Sync Input/Output  
Input Impedance 75Ω or 870Ω (switchable)
Input Level 0.3V peak to peak – 2.5V peak to peak
Connector BNC In/Through
Variable Speed +200% to -50% @ 48kHz
MIDI Interface  
Impedance 480Ω
Level 4.96 – 5.12V peak to peak
Connector DIN 5pin(Female)
SCSI port External
Serial Machine Control Sony protocol, 9pin, D-type
USB Ports 2
Audio Specs  
Frequency Response 10-22kHz +/-.5 dB at 48kHz
10-45kHz +/-3 dB at 96kHz
10-80kHz +/-3 dB at 192kHz
Dynamic Range 24 bit mode: 108 dB A-weighted
16 bit mode: 96 dB A-weighted
THD+N @ 1 kHz 0.5 dB below full scale, less than .006% A-weighted
Crosstalk ( 1kHz) -88 db at 1kHz
Sampling Rates

Analog & Digital: 32, 44.056, 44.1, 47.952, 48, 64, 88.112, 88.2, 95.904, 96, 128, 176.224, 176.4, 191.808, 192 KHz

Data Compression No compression
Latency (Analog I/O path) 1.75 ms @ 48 kHz
1.33 ms @ 96 kHz
1.11 ms @ 192 kHz


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