Avalon AD2055

Avalon AD2055

Dual Mono, Pure Class A Parametric EQ Daily Rate: $100

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The AD2055 combines 100% discrete, pure class A signal amplifiers with state-of- the-art passive and active filter topologies. The AD2055's unique circuitry delivers very high resolution transient detail at the operational extremes of real world equalization demands. The AD2055 auto-bias DC servo loop control eliminates the need for all interstage capacitor coupling. The AD2055 breathes life into all musical performances!


  • Pure Class A, 100% discrete design

  • Smooth musical detail and sonic excellence

  • Minimum audio signal path

  • Dual mono operation

  • Transparent active and passive filter design

  • High headroom +30dB Very low noise -94dB

  • Fully balanced inputs and outputs

  • DC coupled, no transformers in audio path

  • Switched frequencies in high and low bands

  • Mid bands use X10 frequency for extended range

  • Wide bandwidth -3dB 1Hz to 450kHz

  • Low distortion less than 0.5% THD and IMD

  • All signal routing with sealed silver relays Conductive plastic potentiometers for low noise

  • External 150W toroidal power supply 100% discrete power supplies for audio path

  • Long lasting, stainless steel hardware



Circuit Topology High-voltage 100% discrete, balanced and symmetrical Class A
Output Gain Range Unity Gain
Maximum Input Level +30dB balanced XLR pin 2 hot
Maximum Output Level +32dB balanced 600 ohms, DC coupled, high-current discrete Class A
Input / Output Type XLR type, pin 2 hot balanced
Noise 20kHz Unweighted -94dB (EQ in)
Distortion THD, IMD 0.5% (typical 0.05% at +6dB 1kHz)
Frequency Response -3dB 1Hz to 450kHz (input band limited)
Equalizer Type Passive high and low bands plus two fully parametric mid bands
Bypass Hard-wire relay bypass for equalizer in-out
Low Band F1 Passive, amplitude to -32dB to +32dB shelf or peak-dip curve
F1 Frequency Range Switched 10 position 18Hz, 25, 30, 50, 72, 100, 150, 215, 300, 450Hz
Mid Band F2 Active, amplitude to -16dB to +16dB peak-dip curve
F2 Frequency Range Variable 35Hz to 450Hz (x10) 350Hz to 4k5Hz, Q (width) 0.3 to 3.0
Mid Band F3 Active, amplitude to -16dB to +16dB peak-dip curve
F3 Frequency Range Variable 160Hz to 2k0Hz (x10) 1k6Hz to 20kHz, Q (width) 0.3 to 3.0
High Band F4 Passive, amplitude to -26dB to +26dB shelf or peak-dip curve
F4 Frequency Range Switched 10 position 1k5Hz, 2k5, 3k5, 5k, 7k2, 10k, 12k5, 15k, 20k, 25kHz
AC-DC Power External AC supply, 150w toroidal transformer, 4 pin cable 90v isolated,
(B2T Power Supply Included) 100-240v selectable 50/60Hz, 150w max
Dimensions 19 x 3.5 x 12 in (482 x 88 x 305mm)
Shipping weight 30lbs (13.6 kg)


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