Alesis BRC

Alesis BRC

Master Remote for ADAT Daily Rate: $30

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The Alesis BRC Master Remote Control adds a set of powerful creative and operational tools to your ADAT or ADATXT digital recording system. It provides SMPTE, MIDI, and Video synchronization, digital editing, and a full-function multi-machine autolocator with an onboard memory. The BRC is the only device that allows you to control up to 128 ADAT tracks from one location, either table top mounted, in a studio rack, or on an optional roll-around stand. Another BRC function that can't be found anywhere else is the ability to edit and assemble your songs using bars and beats. Other features include sample-accurate auto punch in/out and rehearsal modes, 460 Location points with 8-character alphanumeric names, full control of Track Delay (up to 170 ms per track), Tape Offset between multiple recorders, SMPTE Offset and Generation, MIDI Tempo Maps and Clock Generation, and MIDI Machine Control.

More than just a remote control, the BRC is a SMPTE time code synchronizer, allowing ADATs to chase-lock to time code from video or analog recorders. SMPTE offsets may be set to single sample (1/48,000th of a second) accuracy. You can select ADAT's tape time, SMPTE time, or bars and beats as a display reference. All BRC settings and memories may be stored digitally on the data header of each ADAT tape for quick recall at any time. When you need to bring your ADATs together into a complete, fully-professional system, the BRC is the ultimate in digital audio recording control.


Song Memory: 20

Locate Points Per Song: 

20, with user-specified names

Illuminated transport controls

Numeric Keypad

Record Enable Buttons and Indicators (32)

SMPTE Location display

2x16 LCD Display

Group and Mode buttons, and more



Footswitch Connectors:


LRC/Punch In/Out 


Sync Out:

ADAT Synchronization Interface

9 pin D-Sub connector


Sync Generation: 

MIDI Time Code

SMPTE (all formats)

MIDI Clock w/Song Position Pointer

48kHz Word Clock 


External Sync In:

SMPTE (all formats)

Video (composite or blackburst)

48kHz Word Clock 


MIDI Connectors: MIDI In, MIDI Out/Thru 


Power Requirements: 90-250 VAC, 50-60Hz, 50W maximum 


Dimensions: (H x W x D) 17 in. x 10-5/8 in. x 4 in. (432mm x 261mm x 101mm) 6U IEC Rack Mounting 



12 lbs.


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