Tascam MMP-16

Tascam MMP-16

16-channel Digital Film Dubber Daily Rate: $100

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The MMP-16 is similar to the MMR-8, but is a 16 track playback only unit, again designed primarily as a replacement for the mag dubber in post production stages. The MMP-16 still reads the same set of DAW formats, and can also connect to the GUI for familiar DAW layout. MMP-16's are often used for simply playing back tracks, targeting the MMR-8 for mixdown with sample-accurate lock. The controls are all laid out identically, so there is no learning curve in familiarizing yourself with the machine. The MMP-16 also features the same editing capability as the MMR-8, allowing additional cuts, track slipping, etc., to make minor fixes at the last minute.




16 Channel hard disk player

Reads the EDL of most major DAW's directly, eliminating the need for transfers

24 bit playback

24 bit signal path through AES/EBU

Audiophile quality 20 bit D/A converters

SCSI port in rear

44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, plus all pull-up/pull-down variations

Removable Kingston carrier bay in front panel

Complete synchronization facilities built for SMPTE, biphase and serial 9 pin

MMR Bus allows synchronization of up to 100 MMR/MMP units


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