Lavry M.BY2

Lavry M.BY2

Synchronous Up/Down sampling Converter Daily Rate: $125

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A common AD clock insures equal delays, for prevention of comb filter effects in the mix. A master/slave configuration enables simultaneous control of all the channels. The DAs offer equal delay for proper image. DA channel pairs can operate at different sample rates.


The "LavryBlue" Conversion System offers affordable high-end conversion and features. The LavryBlue system is suited for applications ranging from 2 channel recording and mastering to multitrack workstations, and surround sound applications. Versatile and flexible, the LavryBlue is field expandable as more tracks or capabilities are desired. This versatile system gives you 44.1, 48, 88.2 or 96 kHz sampling frequencies.

A/D cards allow the selection of various word lengths, Analog or Digital soft saturation and Acoustic Bit Correction , dither and noise shaping. Other features include LED metering, Reference meter bridge, Peak detection and front panel gain control. Conversion may use internal crystals or externaly lock to Word Clock or AES signal.


The D/A is easy to use. It automatically detects and displays the input data rate. The user can optimize for minimum jitter by setting the D/A to CrystalLock for stereo, narrow lock for multitrack applications and wide lock for non standard applications.


Analog A/D inputs and D/A outputs may be configured for balanced or unbalanced operation.


This system may be ordered in several A/D and D/A configurations ranging from 2 to 8 channels (up to 4 stereo channels) in each 1U 19 inch rack mountable chassis. Other optional configurations include synchronous Up Sample/Down sample converters and dual channel professional microphone preamps. This A.C. power operates from 90 - 264 VAC, 50/60 Hz.


LavryBlue series converter card options include:


- M.AD824 2 channel A/D converter
- M.SYNC Master clock sync board
- M.DA824 2 channel D/A converter
- M.BY2 Synchronous Up Sample/Down Sample rate converter.
- M.PREAMP 2 channel professional microphone preamp.


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