Lavry AD-122-96MKIII

Lavry AD-122-96MKIII

"Gold" 2-channel, 24 bit/96k AD Converter Daily Rate: $200

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A powerful multi-function digital audio processor for sample rate/word length conversion, monitoring, and measurement. Includes multiple dither and noise shaping settings, plus reference quality metering.


Sample Rate Converter - highest performance in the industry 96Kbytes of algorithm coefficients for superior accuracy

High Density Downsample, provides 2:1 sample rate change for the finest audio performance

Proprietary jitter attenuation process, with high quality tuned LC circuit

Acoustic Bit CorrectionTM - dynamic range increase to 18-19 bits on a 16-bit format

AES and word clock external synchronization

Selectable dither types (Flat, High-Pass Triangular, OFF)

Data Format Converter - displays all input parameters and allows editing of output settings, including word length

High-resolution reference meter - (Adjustable Scaling to include noise floor) Peak, Peak-Hold, Clip and all Zero detection. Fine mode for reference level settings

Digital Tone Generator (16-24 bits, -122 THD+ N) Fully programmable amplitude, frequency and channel selection

Measures THD+N, frequency and amplitude, with test bench accuracy

Signal Analysis - verifies exact number of bits being produced



96kHz, 88.skHz, 48kHz and 44.1kHz conversion frequencies

Built-in Acoustic Bit CorrectionTM re-dithering to 16-20 bits

Precision reference meter bridge

Fully programmable digital test tones for system alignment

AES and word clock external synchronization

Programmable Digital delay 0.2 frames to 10 frames

96K or 88.2K to 48K or 44.1K sample rate down conversion

48K or 44.1K to 96K or 88.2K sample rate up conversion

Bit-packing function for 96K DAT -- 48K 24-bits slit to packed 16-bit 96K stream with decoding on playback

DC removal function

Normalization function (boost or cut) +/-60dB

Polarity Inversion

Digital Bits display on meter


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