Equitech ET-1.5RQ

Equitech ET-1.5RQ

15 Amp Balanced AC Power Distribution System Daily Rate: $40

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THE FIRST PRODUCT OF ITS KIND, the award winning Equi=Tech rack mounted balanced AC power system, has garnered a reputation among professionals for ruggedness and dependability and of course as a highly effective means of reducing background noise. Typically audio and video hum is greatly reduced or eliminated completely, digital jitter is cut in half and there will be a significantly wider dynamic range. Eight sizes of rack mountable 120-volt balanced power systems are offered with an output capacity range of 1000 to 10,000 VA (8.3 - 83 Amps continuous duty.) 

At the heart of each system is a highly efficient, precision wound toroid isolation transformer with a patented winding design that makes Equi=Tech systems the most accurately balanced systems in the world. Besides voltage, the impedance across the transformer's output is also precisely balanced which insures the broadest band noise cancellation possible -- the absolute state-of-the-art. Equi=Tech transformers are precision wound just for today's most sensitive digital electronics. Standard rack system transformers are equipped with Faraday shields for superior isolation and high common mode noise rejection. Also, a very low magnetic stray field design with additional magnetic shielding makes Equi=Tech rack systems safe for use near sensitive tape machines in racks. 

This unit is the ETR 1.5R, with filter option, with Q option.


The Many Advantages of Equi=Tech Rack Systems:

Superior Construction -- The quality in construction and design separates Equi=Tech rack systems from all others. Every system employs only passive components guaranteeing long life, ruggedness and dependability. High temperature copper wire and high pressure shrink-wrapped terminals are protected from corrosion and provide 10 times the contact surface area of other plug-in type terminals. The units are designed to run cool when fully loaded -- up to 25 degrees C. cooler than other high power equipment. And, unlike similar products, they won't fail even under momentarily high or low voltage conditions. 

Advanced "Silent Source Technology"TM -- As the "Pioneer of Balanced Power", we have over twelve years of experience invested in researching and developing balanced power products. They are absolutely the quietest of all AC power products in every way immaginable. They are also the most accurate and effective balanced power systems in the world. We are constantly striving to build a more effective product. We have developed many new manufacturing procedures and designs, constantly breaking new ground in an effort to improve our systems. The payoff is in providing our customers with the most rugged, dependable and effective power products that money can buy. Equi=Tech Balanced Power Systems set the standard of excellence for all others to follow. Silent Source TechnologyTM, exclusively from Equi=Tech, encompasses numerous power technologies and is the result of years of research and improvements in our products. There are simply none better. 


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