Equitech ET-2RQ

Equitech ET-2RQ

20 Amp Balanced AC Power Distribution System Daily Rate: $40

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The Model Q is Equi=Tech's flagship product.   It is the result of many years of experience and application research in the field of balanced AC power.  It is highest quality and the best performing balanced power system we have ever offered.  Every component specified in its design has been selected from years of research and testing in professional and consumer high definition A/V systems in both analog and digital formats.  Each component used in the Model Q was chosen for its superior quality and performance and cost was no object.  For example, the material used in the Model Q transformer core is made of a state-of-the-art magnetic steel alloy and none is spared in fabrication.  The core material is the most efficient there is, nevertheless the Model Q transformer has twice the mass of similarly rated competitive products.  It drives amplifiers and other high current pulse type loads without skipping a beat.  Power factor remains virtually stable regardless of the type of demand load.  Mil spec oxygen free copper is used throughout the Model Q assembly to further reduce random high frequency current distortion.  This improves an already near perfect mirror image output and further widens its range of noise attenuation.  The Model Q's switches and circuit breakers are the finest made and they are duty rated for over 1/2 million operations.  Every component part used in the Model Q has been selected because it is the best of its kind.  There is nothing that compares in quality or performance to the Model Q.


Bifilar Wound Isolation Transformer - This patented method of winding AC power transformers is the most accurate way known to achieve a near perfect balanced output. The bifilar wound secondary is an exclusive Equi=Tech feature that raises the performance level of each of our products above all the rest. To achieve peak performance in electronic components, a perfectly balanced AC supply is crucial. Bifilar winding the output of our transformers achieves this near perfect mirror image symmetry. Because every product offered by Equi=Tech is bifilar wound, every product provides a more effective and broader range of noise attenuation compared to any other balanced power product (typically >6dB gain better.) This holds true in high resolution electronic components of all different shapes and sizes. The result is improved signal, greater definition in video and greater detail in audio material. IT and other EDP systems also benefit from significantly fewer timing errors and higher throughput. 


High Power Factor - Regardless of how clean AC power provided for sensitive electronics may be, the instant that component power switches are turned on, the quality of AC power degenerates. This is simply the nature of what are termed "non-linear reactive loads." When non-linear power supplies are energized, some measure of power is wasted and reflected back out onto the line. This undesirable and noisy form of energy (harmonics) is then shared by every other component on the system. Furthermore, voltage and current phases are knocked out of sync too and this is what is referred to as low power factor. Electricity by its nature requires both current and voltage to be present at the same time or nothing happens. In AC power, current and voltage must be timed together in sync or to the degree they are not, nothing happens. As the power factor drops lower and lower, electricity thins out very much like cheaper gasoline and equipment performance suffers. Generally speaking, the greater the load (e.g. large amplifiers) the lower the resulting power factor. However, when this reflected energy flows back up the line into a balanced transformer, reactive currents will be flowing in opposite directions through identical mirror image output coils thereby creating equal but opposite electromagnetic forces that are present in the transformer in the same instant. This causes the nuisance reflected energy (harmonics) to cancel out and literally disappear without bleeding back out onto the originating power grid. Furthermore reactive load currents null (cancel out) electrically at the ground because harmonics on each side of the line are equal but opposite in polarity to each other - but not just opposite, precisely opposite thanks to bifilar winding. This causes cancellation of all of the undesirable non-linear load harmonics on the load side of the transformer too. What's left? Pure 60Hz AC once again with nothing remaining on the line to skew power factor; even the ground remains clean. AC power remains as coherent and clean as it was originally provided before component switches were turned on. Bifilar winding is the only way this undesirable non-linear event can be accurately addressed and its effects eliminated in real time as it happens. The impact that this improved power stability and cleaner ground have on the performance of sensitive electronics is astonishing.


Ultra Low Impedance - The ultra-low impedance design of the Model Q transformer provides unrestricted current delivery to its output and virtually busts the "myth" that transformers cannot handle high amplitude current transients demanded by amplifiers and other types of high current pulse loads. Unlike typical transformers that are often considered to be "too current restricting" (and rightfully so,) Model Q transformers have been engineered with radical modifications made to their core and winding specifications which result in a transformer that has uncommonly low impedance and unrestricted current handling characteristics. They provide instantaneous current response with the capacity to handle much larger current transients than any comparable solid state AC generator or inverter system. The amplitude of the current transients a Model Q transformer can easily accommodate would likely explode any similar solid state based device and it does this effortlessly with almost no measurable current sag. In technical jargon, the magnetic flux density of its core operates at a fraction of its capacity thereby providing an extreme amount of current headroom with a magnetic current transfer hysteresis curve that is far more linear than anything similar to it, even when driven at or near its maximum continuous power rating. It is virtually impossible detect any significant current sag or to drive a Model Q transformer into saturation. Furthermore, the line-to-ground impedance on its output is only a fraction of the line-to-ground impedance found in similarly rated solid state systems. This means that Model Q transformers attenuate a much wider bandwidth of non-linear reactive load harmonics (noise) than any comparable "low impedance" solid state AC generator or inverter.


100% Passive Circuitry - There are no active components used in any Equi=Tech product. There is nothing that will degrade from heat over time or from years of rugged use. Similar systems may use semiconductor devices to drive their outputs or soft start relays to compensate for a low quality isolation transformer with high inrush current -- not ours! There is nothing in an Equi=Tech system to wear out over time from heavy use or from heat. We invest the cost of building our systems where it belongs, in well designed high quality components. The next time you are watching a live broadcast of the Super Bowl or a Presidential Inauguration, remember that Equi=Tech is running the show because engineers know when equipment failure is not an option. Ruggedness, reliability and the most refined balanced power technology on Earth is why top professionals choose Equi=Tech.


High Efficiency - Equi=Tech systems are the most efficient of their kind. This means that very little power is inefficiently wasted when powering electronic components. Even when driven hard, they generate very little heat and they are barely warm to the touch. They draw very little power in idle mode and can be left turned on indefinitely, ready to meet extreme power demands in an instant. In operational mode, they waste almost no power drawing approximately what they put out. With a typical 97%+ efficiency rating, they elegantly outperform similar power products and do it in a safe, economical and environmentally friendly way.


Magnetic and Faraday Shielding - These indispensable features are included in every Equi=Tech product. The Faraday shields isolate noise from the outside world as well as protect the system's output and connected load components from potentially destructive voltage spikes. The magnetic shield assures that electronics used in close proximity will be unaffected by magnetic stray field radiation.


Redundant Surge Protection - A dual stage Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor (TVSS) provides primary surge protection. Unlike most products, there is a useful status indicator light that indicates when the surge protector is active and when it has taken too many hits from nuisance spikes and the time has come for it to be replaced. Though they will typically last for many years, the surge protection module is simple to replace. As a secondary line of defense, grounded electrostatic shields between the transformer's coils shunt dangerous spikes, providing redundant surge protection and additional piece of mind. We proved this in research that was done in the late 90's in a rural part of Colorado just outside of Colorado Springs where lightning storms are known to cause damage to unprotected electronics all to often. The Equi=Tech transformer was closely monitored during a severe lightning storm that toasted almost every surge protection device in the neighborhood. These events were recorded using sophisticated test equipment that measured the spectrum and amplitude of transient voltages in the power grid and transformer output both. What appeared at the transformer's output the instant that lighting hit close to the AC grid was a very faint burst of high frequency noise... nothing more. Not many other surge protection technologies come close to this level of protection. Nevertheless, every product we offer is supplemented with redundant surge protection technology, and as you might have already guessed, we use nothing but the best.


Oxygen-free copper wire - Mil Spec. oxygen-free copper wire is used throughout the entire AC distribution section of every Model "Q". Hand-made OFC jumper wires and wiring harnesses are used exclusively in their assembly. OFC wire reduces high frequency micro current distortion that is commonly present in conventional copper or silver wired circuits. This further extends the effective bandwidth of noise attenuation. 

Filtered Digital Equipment Outlets - These outlets provide additional high frequency noise attenuation and isolation for switching power supplies typically found in digital electronics. The outlets are intended for use with CD Players, DVD Players, Dish Receivers, Hi-Definition TV's, DLP and Plasma Displays, automation controllers, computers and other high resolution electronic digital system components. 


Unswitched Outlet - An entire system of components can be turned on and off from the front panel by using the front standby switch(es). As a convenience, one outlet on the back panel remains constantly turned on for equipment that uses a date/time clock such as TIVO's, VCR's, PVR's, DVR's and other components that require constant power to maintain volatile memory. 


Nominal Input Voltage

120-208/240 VAC

Nominal Output Voltage

120 VAC

Transformer Impedance


Isolation (CMRR)



240 Joules

Voltage Regulation (NLA/FLA)

+/-  1.7%

Voltmeter Accuracy

+/- .5V

Max. Temp. Rise (at perimeter)

28 C.

Total Relative Strayfield

<10-3@ .1M

Noise Level


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