Keep Your Studio in Top Form

On-Site Technical Services

Advanced Audio employs some of the "best and brightest" technicians in the industry to support its' fleet of ProTools HD rental gear. Now you can enjoy that same level of expertise garnered from years of field experience. Our techs will get you up and running in short order. We can diagnose and repair problems with DAW's, consoles, wiring/grounding faults, and other facility-related problems.

In-House Technical / Repair Services

Our in-house technical services can handle almost any repair task. Since we maintain all of our rental gear in-house, we can now offer the same level of quality service to you at a reasonable rate. Advanced Audio has a hi-tech shop complete w/sophisticated bench repair gear and digital audio analyzers. We will pickup/drop off gear at no charge in most of the Los Angeles area. Customers can also drop off gear for repair and pick up a replacement from our rental inventory.

Wiring and Cable Fabrication

One look at Advanced Audio's cable wall speaks volumes about our wiring capabilities. We have designed entire studio systems from scratch including patchbays and AC power grounding/distribution systems, all the way down to churning out miles of XLR harnesses and cables. We can handle almost any task, whether it is augmentation of your existing studio, or a brand-new ground up design.

For support or technical services, please send email to:

Studio Services

  • 7.1 Audio Production
  • Edit/Conform
  • ADR
  • Mastering
  • 3D Digital Intermediates
  • Transfer/Format Conversion

Technical Services

  • On-Site Support
  • Telephone Support
  • Equipment Repair
  • Wiring and Cabling
  • Studio Consulting

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